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Creating The Makery

From backyard dreaming to reality, The Makery installed its first storefront Pop Up.  For the last two weeks in August, we transformed an art gallery in Brooklyn, NY into a temporary Makerspace.  Aside from outfitting the space with tools like Makerbot Replicators, soldering equipment, electronics, and fabrication materials, the heart of the transformation was the people and workshop environment.  Through centering activities around creative imagineering and what kids wanted to make, we weaved in learning about 3D digital design and fabrication, physical computing, game design, and computer programming.  In the evenings and weekends, we opened our doors to adults to try out and tinker as well.  The Makery moves this type of opportunity outside of institutional settings onto the street front and hopefully enables kids who may not have found this entry point to begin figuring out how to make what they imagine.  The aim is to eventually open a permanent storefront and space where the community can come together to explore, design, and make, but until then we intend to keep popping up.

From launching paper rockets to being gifted huge red balloons which we turned into aerial photography contraption by hacking a camera and building a circuit to remotely control it, every day at The Makery has been an adventure.   Here’s an article that paints a picture about the fun we had learning and our Flickr stream.