Experimenting with Collaborative Prototyping

For many reasons, the design of digital learning experiences and technologies are quite distanced from the end user.  The amount of user-centered design that goes into the creation of a new consumer product should be the same as the amount of user-centered design that goes into creating new education.  While smart and passionate people have been venturing into the ed tech start up space, many do not come from educator backgrounds and may not see the full spectrum of needs that represent opportunities to make an impact.  What would happen if you mixed teachers with deep expertise in student-centered learning needs and technologists with deep expertise about digital interactions to concept together from the beginning?  What kinds of digital learning experiences could be imagined?  Would it produce prototypes that highlight unmet needs? Kind of like an extended hackjam, the DTC Lab is a collaborative between educators, technologists, and designers to prototype examples of what interactive learning experiences can look like that integrate emerging digital contexts and focus on the learner.  More about the experiment and the concepts we’re building here.


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